A Mobile App: why it’s and Absolute MUST have for your salon business

In March 2017, “85% of the U.S. population uses a smartphone to access information”. That’s well over 3 quarters of the population who are actually browsing their phones on a daily basis. It’s not an opportunity you can afford to miss out on!

With technological advances moving at break neck speed, it’s absolutely the perfect time to think about getting your salon online and with a mobile APP. It combines, SMS and email marketing all within the app, which means that your salon is one step ahead of your competitors by allowing your clients access to you and your salon at all times.

So….. what are the benefits to having a mobile app for your salon? The main benefit is just pure convenience for your clients.

The second main advantage is, it gives the client a direct line to the salon without having to look up numbers, get the engaged tone etc, they call directly from the app.

Another positive aspect to owning your own app, is that clients can request an appointment via the APP, which again makes things so much easier and streamlined.

You can also run your customer loyalty programs and Vouchers through the APP

So, what are the main differences between the benefits of having a website and a mobile app?

The biggest difference is the fact you have your mobile with you all the time, and a mobile app is just a much more simplified version of your salon website, so it’s easier to navigate around, and has essential information within it. Your website contains so much more information it’s not really designed for a Mobile sized screen, so you have to scroll back and forth to find what you need, and therefore would take more time to find what you’re looking for.

Another truly Amazing use of a mobile app is the free marketing that you can do. Many of you will already use SMS and email marketing, however with your mobile app you can add last minute deals and offers to the application, which are “pushed” to all your clients who downloaded the app so they can instantly see it, without having to read an email, or newsletters and everyone checks their cellphone.

Improvement of brand awareness is another positive aspect. The application will be designed and tailored to match your salon, so that anyone who already has correspondence by you can easily recognise the app as being related to your business.

So, moving forward you need to join the APP revolution and get your business onto the APP stores today!

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